The Tamarak Website Suite


The first iteration of the Tamarak Website, while aesthetically pleasing, suffered a few critical problems. Namely, it was not an effective communicator. Report after report was heard of end-users finding their way to only to be faced with a non-scrollable page with animated text vaguely hinting at something business related.


The team drew a lot of inspiration for functionality and content delivery from Sequoia Capital (circa. 2021). Their story-driven site was alive with content.


Tamarak primarily needed two things: One, to clearly communicate upfront that they are the "future of venture capital," and two, a website that showcased the "alive and buzzing-with-activity" culture and atmosphere that is Tamarak and its portfolio.

We expanded the home page with a sleek future-focused design. Upfront copy indicates exactly who Tamarak is: "The future of Venture Capital." Within the first scroll, we wanted to show off some of Tamarak's highlights, namely premier portfolio involvement.

Down the page we also included a current news segment to always post up-to-date content and going-ons at Tamarak. Adding elements of interactivity also aided in bringing forward in time.

The new Tamarak website also needed to communicate its offerings and services clearly to potential portfolio companies, as well as play host to a variety of internal resources for Tamarak employees and employees of portfolio companies.

The solution to internal resources was fairly simple: Host a separate domain for internal use to be home to password protected pages such as discounts for employees and an internal blog for health and wellness.

Project Credits

Creative + Marketing Director: Daniel Scarpino

Copywriting + Marketing Strategy: Mitch Winter

Design + Development + PM: Caleb Jones

Development Consultation: Josh Bosley

Design Collaborator: Daniel Kellis