Designer and Adventurer

I’m a Georgia native, but through the course of life have found myself embracing the mountain west, as many have. There is a sense of adventure here; it is the wild west after all.

I am a systematic organizer of information, a visual problem solver, and an idealistic perfectionist who seeks to build functional end-products. I embrace challenges both inside and outside of design, enjoying collaborative spaces where I can learn new skills while still contributing to the team.

I currently live, work, and play in the greater Provo, Utah area. Here, I work as a digital designer and project manager. After hours, find me outside. I fancy myself to be a bit of an adventurer. Among other things, trail running, mountain biking, motorcycling, and hiking are my thrill-seeking go-to adventures.

I also involve myself in community groups, both official and unofficial, including arts and creative spaces outside of the workplace in an effort to maintain creativity and prevent burnout.