The Senya Apps


Substitute teaching had been lagging behind in the digital age. Senya seeks to bring a mobile-first gig-economy application to market to better connect substitutes to school's needs.

Senya needed a suite of digital products. The mobile application was multi-faceted, with separate substitute-facing and and admin-facing mobile applications.

With little precedent for this specific utility in a mobile app we struggled to identify key trouble spots for both sub-users and admin-users.

A few highlights:

After extensive research and engagement we discovered that one of the primary problems was substitutes missing or forgetting jobs for which they signed-up.

Often, school administrators will receive last-minute notifications of teacher absences, and need to scramble to get a substitute, however the current substitute fulfillment solutions were desktop-only application, typically on administrative computers at the school building.

Maintaining simplicity like current gig-apps but still meeting the more complex needs for substitutes and teachers.

Resolving complex onboarding for subs including meeting specific state by state requirements such as legal certifications, fingerprinting, etc.


The team examined several apps already on the market for gig-economy roles. Senya's CEO, Dave Wilson, always says that "Senya is the Doordash for Subs." So we took that seriously. We reviewed Doordash, Uber, Lyft, TurboTax, Lemonade Insurance and more to understand simple user flows and elegant, modern styling.



Early Mockups

Drift BMW, default Style Guide page image
Drift BMW, default Style Guide page image

Project Credits

Creative + Marketing Director: Daniel Scarpino

Copywriting + Marketing Strategy: Mitch Winter

Client Experience + User Profile Research: Rachel Nigri

User Interface Design — Phase I, Sub App: Caleb Jones

User Interface PM + Design — Phase II, Admin App: Caleb Jones

User Interface Design — Phase II, Admin App: Caitlin Kelly

Development: Adam Lane

Brand Identity: Daniel Kellis

Graphic Design + Illustration: Alejandra Gonzalez