As designers in the digital age, we are over-encumbered by digital tools. While many are genuinely helpful, there has also been a loss of creativity due to tools that automate so many parts of the design and creative process. My perception is that designers of yesteryear had to be more creative and more innovative to create unique effects, trouble shoot and hack limiting technology, and still be at the cutting edge.


This project was inspired by designer Blake Helman who explored data loss with image scanners via a repeated process of scanning the product of a scanned image.


I limited myself to keep all alterations and manipulation manual. All effects here are the result of an active, hands-on motion while the flatbed image scanner was active.

The only post-production editing was white balance and increased contrast for some images for clarity.

Project Credits

Design: Caleb Jones

Collaborator: Morgan Mooney

Collaborator: Micah Jones