Convex is a project conceived to archive a handful of my photographic works and projects, and act as a record of a few of my ideas through some of my early formative years. The thoughts and wonderings here are merely a selection, a non-exhaustive list.

Layout and typography are paramount to this project. I selected the dominate font family, Korolev for this work because I have often looked back to the -isms of the early 20th century for my inspiration: Constructivism, Suprematism, Futurism, and work from De Stijl.

Korolev is a geometric font based on lettering by an anonymous soviet designer, and named after the engineer Sergey Pavlovich Korolyov. I feel that the shapes and features of Korolev are reminiscent of that propaganda design that came out of and was influenced heavily by the work of the aforementioned art and design movements, whose creators were, like me, idealists wanting towards a better world.

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Project Credits

Design: Caleb Jones

Writer: Caleb Jones, except where noted

Photography Model: Micah Jones

Photography Model: Will Goodwin