The Brutalist Collection


I have always been inspired by brutalism both in Architecture and Design. The emergent "brutalist web design" trends of the past several years have been exciting to watch. After years of collecting brutalist design samples I begin creating my own.

The (primarily eastern European) Techno and electronic dance music scene has adopted brutalist and futuristic design as its styles of choice, with bold colors, heavy typography, unconventional layouts and sometimes grungy looks. Much of my earliest inspirations come from the album art of Charlotte De Witt, Amelie Lens, i_o, UMEK, and others.

Futuristic design, (not to be confused the with Futurists circa 1910) both neo-futurism, and retro-futurism, share a lot of visual language with brutalist design and have also been a source of great inspiration.

This series specifically was influenced by science fiction. You might recognize some of the quotes and excerpts from iconic works of science fiction, both new and old.

Project Credits

Design: Caleb Jones